We are an ...

" independent restaurant, plenty of choice, high quality, worldly influences and street food style eating "-The Independent, 31 Aug, 2018 -Article Link

This article is best described what we are doing. Our concept is not new to many big cities in the World, but it's unique to Wakefield at the moment.

No one will be arguing about whether to have Pizza, Thai or Japan Katsu Chicken. We have them all !!
From Steamed Dumplings to Salmon Pasta Salad to Matcha Green Tea Latte to Fish & Chips ..., there will be something for everyone.

Our Inspirations

Grew up in Canada with an Asian family heritage, the owner is influenced by both North American and mixed Asian food cultures. He worked in restaurants, eateries and chained cafe during his university years, and travelled across America, Australia and Asian countries to explore even more.

We would like to bring the strengths from both North America and Asian food cultures together in one place.

Something New & Fresh

Beside than some common dishes seen in the UK, our menu offer popular food & drinks from the World (e.g. Boozy Milkshakes from Las Vegas, Cognac-based Cocktails from Canada...). Give them a try !

Cooking from the Heart

We're a small independent business running by a family (home cooking style).

We put lots of effort to ensure quality of every dishes (e.g. hand kneaded burger patty over 300+ times).
And we only prepare the dishes or hand craft the drinks when we get the orders to ensure freshness.

If you're in a rush, we strongly suggest to order them in Advance - Click Here