Espresso & Tea

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Roasted in Yorkshire

Hand Picked & Drum Roasted in small 18kg batches right here in Yorkshire, our 100% Arabica Blend offers a Smoky Spice Flavour with Endless Notes of Smooth Chocolate. A Perfect all round Espresso.

Siphon & French Press

Beside than the classy French Press, we should be the ONLY place in Wakefield that serve the crystal clear Siphon Coffee (Vacuum Brewing Method)

Tea Latte

We offer Popular Tea Latte around the World :
- Matcha Green Tea Latte from Japan
- Chai Tea Latte from India
- Earl Grey Tea Latte from UK

Dozen of Flavours

Unlike many places, we serve All Flavours All Year !
You can enjoy the Pumpkin Spice Latte in the Summer or Coconut Iced Flat White in the Winter !